It's Hard to Beat a Person Who Never Gives Up provides a focal point for sport at the grass roots and is the home of all sport, the online sports management. On this page you can explore the sports taking place, see trending sports season wise, read latest news, respond to fixture requests posted by schools and find out more about popular sports, the various add-on modules and how to get started.

Kids and sport – it’s a great mix. Encouraging a positive sporting attitude.

Explore the Best Upcoming Games!! Playing sport helps kids build healthy minds, healthy bodies, friendships and life skills. By teaching your child how to be a good sport from early on, you help him get the most out of being part of the game.

Individuals who have a desire to be physically active are in the Active for Life stage. A participant may choose to be Competitive for Life or Fit for Life and, if inclined, give back as a sport or physical activity leader. Competitive for Life includes those who compete in any organized sport recreation leagues to Master Games. Fit for Life includes active people who participate in non-competitive physical activity.

Athletes enter the Train to Train stage when they have developed proficiency in the athlete development performance components (physical, technical-tactical, mental, and emotional). Rapid physical growth, the development of sporting capability and commitment occurs in this stage. Athletes will generally specialize in one sport towards the end of the stage.

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Awareness promotes an understanding of opportunities to get involved in sport and physical activity. It highlights opportunities for persons of all abilities to participate in sport, become an athlete, and go as far as their ability and motivation will take them.

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Who We Are

Encouraging a positive sporting attitude

Broadly speaking, the Sport for Life Society strives to improve the health and lives of all Canadians. Sport for Life – a national not-for-profit organization – consists of leaders from the sport, recreation, education, health and business sectors. Sport for Life educates and informs sector leaders to enable them to better understand and deliver Long-Term Athlete Development, quality sport and physical literacy programming. Programs and on-going education are supported through the open source resources and partners and clients are encouraged to incorporate gender equity, accessibility, socioeconomic inclusion, and cultural diversity into their programs and to actively support sport for all.